The Diamonado is a fully articulating motorcycle sidecar that still allows for the motorcycle’s leaning and countersteering operation. Together with a low center of gravity and a wheel that functions like a caster, the robust Diamonado creates a compact sidecar rig that provides smooth performance. In addition to the sidecar being a pleasure to drive, it is intended to offer a quality touring package that is enjoyed by the passenger as well. While some comparable products tend to satisfy a select group of people, the Diamonado is focused on entertaining a broad audience of varied preferences.


Features & Benefits

  • Traditional motorcycle sidecar form with robust, unique and captivating designs
  • Not only does the articulating design eliminate the ill effects of a normal sidecar, it adds a more interesting experience over a typical motorcycle.
  • Improved driving characteristics allows for safer handling and reduced driver fatigue
  • Optional locking mechanism with automatic/on-the-fly capabilities for stable, slow-speed maneuvering
  • Passenger benefits: unobstructed forward view, better protection from the elements, greater comfort from different body positioning, and an adjustable footrest.
  • No frame modifications to the motorcycle
  • Large locking storage
  • Dash pocket with device port

Completed bracket designs available for the following models:

  • Most 2004-current Harley Davidson Sportsters
  • 2014-current Yamaha Bolt

A Diamonado sidecar shot with an iPhone from another Diamonado sidecar.


North America

Diamonado Sidecars
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