The Diamonado® is a fully articulating sidecar that still allows for the motorcycle’s leaning and countersteering operation. Together with a low center of gravity and a wheel that functions like a caster, the unique Diamonado creates a compact sidecar vehicle that provides smooth performance. In addition to the sidecar being a pleasure to ride, it is intended to offer a premium touring package that is enjoyed by the passenger as well. While some comparable offerings attempt to satisfy a specific condition, the captivating Diamonado focuses on successfully satisfying a broad audience with varied preferences.


How do you pronounce Diamonado?

     Say "diamond auto."  Now slur it together a bit while following our spelling Diamonado.
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A video of a Diamonado sidecar taken from another Diamonado sidecar.

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A Diamonado sidecar shot with an iPhone from another Diamonado sidecar.

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A look at the front of a Diamonado sidecar running through the curves.


Thanks to the Diamonado hybrid, the 3-wheel rider is no longer expected to accept the compromises found in other 3-wheel offerings.  This uncompromising hybrid combines the positive attributes of an articulating sidecar with the positive attributes of a rigid 3-wheel vehicle while the negative qualities of each are eliminated.  When the Diamonado hybrid is attached to a motorcycle, a dignified and intriguing 3-wheel package is created that combines performance, utility, and security never before realized.

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This video shows a transition from the leaning mode, coming up the hill, to the leveling mode when turning around and taking the ditch, then back to the leaning mode before going down the hill.

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Ghost Rider. This prototype is equipped with Bluetooth and controlled remotely.


Features & Benefits

The robust Diamonado design allows for a traditional arrangement of sidecar elements.  This arrangement creates a low center of gravity for the sidecar with one benefit being better weight management of the loaded vehicle.

The sidecar mounting points are positioned at the motorcycle’s centerline.  This allows the brackets to have a sleek and integrated appearance.

Due to the wheel assembly’s leaning capability, a motorcycle tire and swing arm are incorporated.  The swing arm supports the axle on both sides of the wheel and is supported by a structural wheel fender.  The result is a compact and rigid wheel assembly.

Parallelogram geometry keeps all leaning elements operating at a 1:1 ratio.  This, along with the slender body and wheel assembly, allows the three leaning elements to be positioned close to each other.

The Diamonado’s main frame, when coupled to the bracketry, imitates a suspension control arm.  This design greatly aids in reducing feedback from a vertical deflection at the sidecar or at the motorcycle.  This type of feedback is noticed on a rigid 3-wheel vehicle.

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All three tires on a Diamonado vehicle are not forced to wear to a flat pattern like a rigid sidecar.

The wheel assembly functions like a caster. The wheel freely tracks a path of least resistance independent from the tracking of the motorcycle. Some benefits of this design:

  • Reduces tire scrub
  • Minimizes tire wear
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Reduces harsh feedback by a sudden lateral force against the tire
  • Eliminates possible injury to the passenger from a fender to body pinch
  • Perfect motorcycle to sidecar alignment during installation is not required, making it a one-time event.  There is no need to continuously make adjustments to try gaining improved performance.

A double hoop pivoting assembly is independent of the mounted body structure. This keeps structural members from invading the passenger compartment and allows for easy removal of the body.

The sidecar is easily detached to restore the motorcycle to its original use.

No frame modifications are made to the motorcycle.

The sidecar body enhances the passenger experience by offering:

  • An unobstructed view
  • Better protection from the elements
  • Comfortable seating position
  • Allowance for different body positioning
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Large locking storage space behind the seat
  • Large storage space ahead of the footrest
  • Dash pocket with device port

Bracket designs available for the following models:

  • Various 2009-current Harley Davidson Touring Models
  • Most 2018-current Harley Davidson Softails
  • Most 2004-current Harley Davidson Sportsters
  • 2014-current Yamaha Bolt

Current and Pending Patents:

  • Patent #1: Granted - relates to suspension on our sidecar design
  • Patent #2: Granted - relates to the use of electrical components for the positioning system on a leaning sidecar.
  • Patent #3: Applied for - relates to the use of electrical components for the positioning system on all leaning vehicle designs which includes sidecars and leaning trikes. This concept makes it possible to safely transition to the leaning mode at higher speeds than what is currently available on the market.

Diamonado Sidecars
Arbor Vitae, WI 54568


Pricing will be determined as sidecars become available.